Francis Noel Todd II

Francis Noel ToddSadly, on August 21, 2016, Francis Noel Todd II passed away in La Jolla, California, while volunteering for the Luau and Legends of Surfing Invitational, an event benefiting UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center. We are in the process of adding new photo albums that pay tribute to Francis. You can also visit Todd Redwood Surfboards on Instagram. For donations to the family, please visit You Caring.





About Old Growth Redwood

Redwood (Coast Redwood, California Redwood, and Giant Redwood) is an evergreen, living 1200–1800 years or more. This species includes the tallest trees living now on Old-Growth Redwood LoggingEarth, reaching up to 379 feet (115.5 meters) in height (without the roots) and up to 26 feet (7.9 meters) in diameter at breast height. Before commercial logging and clearing began by the 1850’s, this massive tree occurred naturally in an estimated 2,100,000 acres along much of coastal California (excluding southern California where rainfall is not sufficient) and the southwestern corner of coastal Oregon within the United States. An estimated 95% or more of the original old-growth redwood forest has been cut down, due to its excellent properties for use as lumber in construction.

Old growth forests are no longer harvested, so the reclaimed lumber is a dwindling resource. Only about one tenth of all reclaimed redwood is suitable for our needs.